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published time:2016-08-30

once china's first refrigerator brand, is also the first stock listed chinese refrigerator. institutional and regulatory reasons, the rockets once fade out of our field of vision, deer seem to disappear ...... however, in recent years, deer back, china's well-known trademark, chinese outstanding innovative enterprises, china's first brand of rural refrigerator ... ... behind these honors, according to the chinese in recent years rockets oldest refrigerator brand resurrection process and resurrection of the road. explore the target market

looking back on the road of china's home appliance market development, along with the 1990s china's sustained economic development, the chinese home appliance business through a period of sustained and rapid growth of the golden age, a second-tier city market plump make competing companies are quite non-gains, but is waged, after fierce competition, the new flight, haier, may sound, meiling four families has become a second-tier cities refrigerator market mainstream brands. since 2000, as the industry frequent mergers and acquisitions, hisense, changhong, midea and other appliances refrigerators powerhouse also joined in a fierce battle in the second-tier market, a second-tier refrigerator market, "red sea" a.

in 2002, ningbo enjoy electric company (after the acquisition of deer, has now become a subsidiary of shanghai shuanglu electric appliance group, the group also owns shanghai shuanglu electric appliance co., ltd., shanghai on mitsubishi electric manufacturing co., ltd.) chairman chen spring seedlings lease deer brand refrigerator market test the water, came back as "new brand", in order to market in the city and home appliance giants are snatching a share, easier said than done.


however, after field investigations learned that the rural economy is the rapid development of the national implementation of the "withdrawal of village and town" is in the ascendant, the lives of farmers and economic conditions continue to improve, demand for home appliances have begun to rise. but neither rural urban fridge sticker dumping ground, but not low-end products, "fertile soil", the rural market because of the particularity of consumption (eg summer and winter with a stop) on product quality requirements are higher, but are particularly sensitive to price, urban aesthetic requirements are also no better than weak, the response speed of the service is more demanding than the city. in affluent towns, farmers have been sufficient purchasing power and demand desires, chibidaigou reason, not because no goods, but because there is no satisfied with the goods, in other words, the market has not specifically tailored to rural consumers refrigerator. in short, the refrigerator market in rural areas showed the following salient features: requires cost-effective product to meet their aesthetic design, to service the requirements of immediate response.


after analysis of these rural refrigerator market, chen quan miao resolute decision to enter the refrigerator market. deer brand of old state-owned, with excellent product quality, which own more than a new brand has a stronger market access advantages, coupled with oem entrusted professional experience in the production of baoji in shaanxi changling refrigerator factory price of $ 85 each buyout production, asset-light approach, chen quan miao embarked on a rural refrigerator open new markets, "blue ocean" of the road.

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